Willem Brown Hamilton



I have known Willem for a number of years now, probably 6 or more, I have always got on with Willem, from the first time we met on a plane back from Christchurch.
We have had a common interest in business and the outdoors. I have enjoyed our chats over the years about each other’s respective businesses that we have been involved in.
Willem is a hard-working, down to earth, good bloke with an engaging easy manner.
Beaut Utes Ellis Street Hamilton

Jim Mason

I found Willem to be an honest upfront person, who always followed through with what he said he would undertake to do. I also found him friendly and very approachable, with the feeling that there was an amicable relationship that was good to be able to work together to achieve certain goals and tasks.
CEO of Colert investments Ltd & Director of Lock & Store Storage Cambridge

Bob Dyer